Welcome to Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona - Medical Tourism Barcelona

From the very moment you decide to travel to Barcelona to have any kind of medical treatment, you can trust us for organizing everything for you.

We will be aware of your arrival and we will be transporting you in a luxury car to our offices. If not yet done, at that moment you will be able to select among our different luxury apartments to stay. We will take you to the locations to finally check in.

We will assist you during the first visit to the selected Clinic, translating different medical reports and being with you if desired.

We will assist you in all kind of movements inside the city, like going to the Pharmacy, to the optician's shop, to the bank, etc.

You will have direct communication with us during your stay to solve any problem or request.

We know that being under medical treatment is not a holiday, but we will try to make your stay easier in all senses. 

Medical Tourism Barcelona

Where we are

Where we are - Medical Tourism Barcelona

Medical Tourism Barcelona